The Final Art Thoughts Workshop presents:

World Uprising Exhibition – a project for the 22nd century

World Uprising is a continuation of the project Yutaka Matsuzawa started in 1971.
Mail art (via post) might be considered as an obsolete art form in this age of internet, 
but I think the idea that a piece of paper (with pictures, words) sent by post can be an art work can co-exist with internet.
This exhibition is a prologue of a new World Uprising. 
Please send a work related the idea of 'mail art', 'world uprising' and 'Yutaka Matsuzawa's philosophy'.
We are making a pamphlet by the end of this month with artists names.
Please let me know if you are interested.


  • World Uprising’ was a mail art project initiated by Yutaka Matsuzawa in 1971,72 and 73.

The slogan was ‘World Uprising 1,2,3 – to Louvre in 2000!’

Each year, 99 or 108 artists all over the world were asked to participate in this project by mailing something. The mailed items were to be exhibited, but as the act of mailing itself was considered to be art, the exhibition, including the slogan to go to Louvre, was not important.


The appeal letter of 1972 said:

‘Greetings, I congratulate your getting closer to the Disappearance. Today, we would like to invite you to be a part of realization of the second ‘World Uprising’, as an ultimate art form for sharing our thoughts, living together in this degenerate age. This is the second phase of countless world uprisings to come in the next 249 years, till the Disappearance of human being in 2222.’



We now announce the 4th phase of ‘World Uprising’ in 2014.

We still have 208 years, or we should say, only 208 years left…


If you share the same interest and are willing to send your work, please do so within the size of 30 x 30 cm.

We will not return the works, but will archive them at Bigakko, and hope to have the final exhibition at British Museum in 2222.


Please send the works by March 16, 2014 to :

Hiroshi Itami

3-54-5 B1 Wada, Suginami, Tokyo 166-0012 Japan




Exhibition details



World Uprising - Selected mail art works from the first to third uprisings, plus works of the 4th Uprising.

Psy room – Photos and other materials about Psy room

                       How to preserve and reconstruct the Psy room in its original form.

Poetry book – ‘Stars or Strip Show’ by Matsuzawa and the original manuscripts


Dates: March 31 to April 5,2014


Venue: Bunpodo gallery (Jinbocho, Tokyo)