Matuzawa Yutaka Introduction

Matsuzawa, Yutaka (b.1922 Suwa – d.2006 Suwa)

Matsuzawa graduated from Waseda University majoring in architecture in 1946. He was a Fulbright Fellow to the University of Wisconsin and Columbia University in 1955-56. He wrote poetry and made art objects in the 1950s. In 1964, he had a midnight revelation about eradicating objects and ceased to make any concrete artworks. From then on, his work was centered round language-based conceptual art,  performance and mail art. He started to teach at Bigakko in 1970 and carried on ‘the final art thoughts’ class to 1980. He was invited to various conceptual art exhibitions in Europe and North America such as 'Utopia & Visions' (Stockholm 1971) and 'Global Conceptualism' (Queens art museum, 1999). His works are in the collections of MoMA and other major art institutions.